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Digital Estate Planning

Protect the future, preserve the past



Your social network deserve closure and you’ve earned a legacy! Leave personalized videos, stories and letters so your family, friends and future heirs will have access to the information they need and can remember you forever.   

Heirto guides you to organize all the elements of your life transition, stores your plans in one place, & delivers them to your loved ones after you've passed.

Automated Digital Estate Planning

Execution of Digital Estate Plans (Digital Executor)

Digital Legacy Planning

Traditional Estate Planning Support

Memorial Planning

Digital Estate Planning

Designate individuals to receive access to your online accounts when you pass.  Don’t let your heirs loose priceless pictures, videos, music, contracts and all the other wonderful things you have locked behind your many online passwords.  

Digital Executor - Execution of Digital Estate Plans

With your traditional estate planning, its hard to have confidence that your loved ones will follow your wishes; once you're gone the rules can change.  However, with heirto's digital executor service, you can rest assured that your wishes will be carried out exactly as you directed once you have passed.  Unlike our fellow humans, our sophisticated computer system will be sure to follow whatever directions you have laid out, it literally can't rest until 100% of your wishes are executed.  

Legacy Planning

Leave personalized videos and written messages to your heirs, because they deserve closure and you should be remembered on your terms.  We'll deliver those customized farewell videos & messages should something happen to you.

Estate Planning

Hopefully you are familiar and have started some basic estate planning. If not, we have made it super easy for you and its free!  Through our affiliation with Legal Zoom, we provide you with the best legal estate planning services on the planet. 

Memorial Planning

Settling a loved one's affairs after their death is often stressful, confusing, and if the family has diverging opinion it can cause family divisions.  The best thing we can do for our loved ones is to take the time to document our wishes for a funeral or other memorial service. We help you with you detail the wishes for your remains and farewell service by making it as simple as answering a few questions. We secure your wishes and when the unfortunate happens our system will automatically share the details of your wishes with whomever you’ve designated.

How Secure is Heirto?

We employ security measures that is more impenetrable than most financial institutions and bank websites - your privacy and the security of your personal information is our chief objective. Our system was built with the consultation of one military cyber security experts and we use the same encryption that the military uses for all of its highly secure defense assets a multiple key 512-bit encryption. We also implement a multi-step verification process with humans controls incorporated to prevent bots from sneaking through our security fortress.  All of our data is passed over 256-bit encrypted SSL from our servers to the end user.

Also, we've built our application to allow you to provide as much or as little detail as you are comfortable with.  The bottom line is that if your a cyber skeptic, you still need to get your digital estate in order.  Some details like "my passwords are in the bottom dresser drawer" is better than nothing, get started at your level of comfort with heirto.