Our Passion Drives Us

We’re a team Led by Air Force Academy and Georgia Tech graduates and w're all problem solvers, passionate caretakers and detailed geeks working around the clock to make HeirTo the best and simplest Estate, and Legacy Planning platform on the planet!

Heirto is a service built out of necessity. Our founder was caught flat footed when his mother and grandmother suddenly passed, both within two years of one another.  Because there was no preparation, this already emotionally debilitating experience was much more chaotic than it needed to be.  From that day, he dreamed of a future where everyone can leverage the technology at our fingertips and avoid such chaos.  

Our founder left the military to take care of his ailing grandmother, because his Mother, who suffered from depression, was in no state to be her caretaker.  He worked his normal day job as an software engineer and helped out his family as best as he could.  

Then one day the unfortunate happened.  The unforeseen death of his mother, from a heart attack, rocked the foundation of his family.  He always knew that dealing with such events would be his responsibility; he explains that in most families their is an unwritten and undiscussed pact as to whom has the responsibility for managing the family affairs.  So it fell to him to get everything in order and prepare for the funeral.  

Our founder began asking and was bombarded with questions about, insurance, a Last Will & Testament, bank account information, debts, etc.  He didn’t even know the password to her computer and many of the family portraits were lost forever.  He describes his experience as a nightmare, “I was simply to busy to morn. I had to get things in order, funeral planning was fast and furious, but no one knew anything, including myself, it was an archaeological expedition and the details were not coming in fast enough.”     

After this life changing experience, our founder began asking himself about how that experience could have been less  stressful.  However, in less than a year and half later his grandmother died.  He went through the same experience of rumbling through files, shoe boxes, and flipping mattresses in search of insurance, funeral and burial information.  Amazingly he was able to find a small insurance policy through an old bill receipt, it wasn’t significant but every penny helped.  He later found out that he could have been one of millions of heirs who never claim their insurance simply because they don’t know its there.  This time he vowed to create a simple web application so that others would not have to undergo the same difficult experience.    
Now heirto is here to help you get your affairs in order and communicate those affairs to your heirs, but only when they need to know.