How Can Estate Planners or Attorneys Use Heirto?

As an estate planner, financial planner, or trusts & estates attorney you are aware of the importance of planning for future disposition of assets; and in this century the need for digital estate planning has become a integral part to every estate plan.

Heirto is a great tool for you to use in building an estate plan for your clients. Even better we organize and store all of your clients estate documents making it simple for your to make sure their digital affairs are in order. In this changing technological environment, we want to be a partner to help you provide your client with the highest level and most comprehensive estate planning services you can provide.  Learn More


If I Detail My Digital Assets in My Will; Am I Covered?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean your family will know where you last hid your will. Also, because your passwords change frequently its not practical to update your will with your passwords every time they change. If you are thinking just giving your heirs the right (legally) to inherit your digital account is enough then you may want to think about the next step, which is access. Yes, it is easy to will your accounts over to an heir, but then you would have to go through long and difficult and unclear process of coordinating with each company to try to gain access using your legal paperwork. If that sounds long and complicated, its because it is.

The alternative, is much simpler. Leave your account details with us and we will pass it to your designated heir when you die, done!


Is My Heirto Account Considered a Will?

No, it is the internet’s Leading Digital Estate planning and Social Legacy tool. Not only do we encourage you to have as standard will, we even point you in the direction of several places where you can have one made in a matter of minutes. However, once you complete and sign your will, you should upload it to your heirto as part of Estate Plan so you and your loved ones will always know where to find it.


Can I Record a Video Will?

Yes you can record your video will and store it in your heirto digital estate. We will keep your video will safe and deliver it upon your death. However, the laws on video will vary by state, and there are only a hand full of states that legally recognize video wills. Learn More.


What is a Farewell Message?

A Farewell message can be a farewell letter or video, either is a personalized or public message to your loved ones. If you chose to leave personalized letters or video, you will simply select the heir or heirs you wish to receive the letter or video when you pass and heirto will take care of the rest.


What are Assets and Digital Assets?

An asset is anything of value and a Digital Asset is something of value that is digital. For example a Digital Asset is any web account that has digital information such as file, video or photo storage website. Digital Accounts for which you have a paid subscription for access to media. Social accounts that you use to communicate with family, friends and associates. These assets range from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Flickr, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Paypal, Mint, Fresh Books, YouTube, Vimeo and many more,


How Many Locks & Key Holders do I Need?

You determine the number of locks you want on your account and the number of key holders, each can remove one lock from your account. This gives you the maximum flexibility you need to ensure the level of security that makes sense for your life. If you have a family of vultures that are pushing you off a ledge you may want to put more locks (around 12) on your account and pass out just a few more keys (around 14) than locks. This will make sure that no opportunistic family members can't get together and collude to open your account before you intended.

If you have a family full of priest and candy makers then you may be more comfortable with having only a few locks (around 3) and designate a few key holders (around 5). Typically you always want to designate more key holders than you have locks; this way you dont over relay on any key holder to do their part. In this example, it would take only 3 of the key holder to login and verify that you have passed and then your account would be unlocked.


How Will You Know and What Happens When I Pass (Die) or become Incapacitated?

When one of your heirs catches wind that the unfortunate has happened then any heir you have designated as a key holder can use their key to initiate the process to unlock your Heirto Digital Estate.

When any key holder initiates the unlock sequence, you and all the other key holders receive a notification that the unlock process has been initiated asking them to confirm. This way, If anyone of your key holders goes rogue tries to unlock your account while you are alive, they are immediately outted and you can suspend the unlocking process immediately.

So once your key holders have unlocked your Digital Estate all your heirs will be notified via email and will have access to all accounts, farewell messages and videos you personalized for them.


What is a Lock & Key Holder?

A lock is a death verification requirement that you add to your account. Each Digital Estate defaults to a minimum of 3 Locks, however you can add many more if you so desire.

A Key Holder in a trusted person you empower to remove a lock from your account, by confirming you are indeed deceased. Any person or entity that you designate as an heir can be given an additional distinction of key holder.

For every lock you place on your Heirto Digital Estate you will need an additional key holder to confirm your death before your Digital Estate is unlocked and your heirs receive their data inheritance.


Who are My Heirs?

An heir is a person or entity that you would like to leave access to any digital account, or receive a personalized message or simply someone you would like to receive a mass farewell message. To designate an heir all you need is their name, email, birthdate, gender and relationship.

For sure, your immediate family are your heirs, but so are your friends that will inherit a farewell message or your cousins that you want to get access to your cloud account with all your favorite music and ebooks. Even your business partner in an heir if she might inherit business documents that you have held in your cloud (internet) storage for years. Simply put any one that you wish to receive any electronic files or access to digital accounts.


Why and How Should I use Heirto?

If you have an email account, music or movies in iTunes or Google Play, what if you send and payments using PayPal or have all the family photos locked in an photo sharing site like Flickr. Maybe you stored your videos on YouTube or Vimeo or have your life's work and business files in a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Box. Even if some how you escaped all the other 21st century modes of communication, you probably have Facebook, Twitter or Google+. If you are with 95% of the population the. Several of these apply to you and the one question that we all overlooked in our mad dash to create an ever connected digital universe, is what happens to your digital self when your physical self is no more.

So, Heirto is a service that gives your Heirs the access they need to the accounts you want them to resolve or memorialize with you. At the same time, our service let's you build your social legacy, create personalized messages and videos for your loved ones, so when you pass your loved ones will remember you the way you wanted them too.


How Secure is Heirto?

We employ security measures that is more impenetrable than most financial institutions and bank websites - your privacy and the security of your personal information is our chief objective. Our system was built with the consultation of one of the militaries experts in cyber security and we use the same encryption that the military uses for all of its highly secure defense assets a multiple key 512-bit encryption. We also implement a multi-step verification process with humans controls incorporated to prevent bots from sneaking through our security fortress. All of our data is passed over 256-bit encrypted SSL from our servers to the end user.


What is Heirto

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Heirto helps you organize your digital assets (online accounts) in one place. Store your Online Account Access details, save your estate documents and upload farewell videos to be delivered upon your death to whoever you designate--for free! Learn More
Store your Will, estate files, funeral wishes, insurance details, online account access details; create farewell letters and upload videos to be delivered, to whomever you designate, after you’ve passed..

Digital Estate Planning support, Heirto allows you to designate individuals and other entities to receive account access username and passwords when you pass. Think about it, if you were to unexpectedly pass, your family and friends may forever loose priceless pictures, video, music, contracts, digital books and all the wonderful things you have locked behind passwords on your many online accounts.

Social Legacy support, your loved ones deserve closure and you should be remembered on your terms. Heirto, allows you to leave personalized videos and written messages to each of your heirs. Read more under What are Farewell Messages?

Estate and Memorial Planing support, Heirto also stores any document or file of your choice for safe keeping to pass to your heris. You can also detail all of your memorial wishes so that when you pass your family no longer has to guess about how what you wanted at your funeral or religious services.


How do I close my heirto account?

Your digital life is priceless to your family and friends; passing on your digital life is how you will live on and be remembered.  We hope you stay committed to making sure your loved ones have access to your digital accounts and that you also continue to build your social legacy.  If we're not the right solution for you, from the contact us page, send a message requesting that your account be closed.  We will close your account within 72 hours.